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The book is superior to the film in many ways. Both of these versions of the story are very well fulfilled, however I believe that book has more detail and explains the story better. The book is superior to the film because the author described various facets of Amir’s emotional world, it showed Baba dying, and included important parts of the struggle Amir and Sohrab went through to get to America together. In the book, the author gets into the detail of Amir’s feelings and inner conflicts between himself and Hassan. In the movie it only shows a few scenes that you can truly point out his guilt towards what he had done to Hassan.

In the book it says, “I hit him with another pomegranate, in the shoulder this time. The juice splattered his face. ‘Hit me back! ’ I spat. ‘Hit me back goddamn you! ’I wished he would. I wished he’d give me the punishment I craved, so maybe I could finally sleep that night. ” (92) This quote is proof that Amir still feels guilt inside of him for leaving Hassan the day he got raped by Assef. It also demonstrates Hassan’s loyalty towards Amir. Assef was the older boy who picked on Hassan and Amir because Hassan was Hazara. Amir wanted him to punish him for not standing up for him like Hassan had done since they could walk.

This was the point in the film that you could tell that Amir was feeling guilt from not helping Hassan. In the book however, there was much more detail and I could tell that he was feeling guilt from this situation and when he told his father that Hassan couldn’t go on the trip with them because he had a cold. Also, in the book I could predict why Baba never wanted to let go of Hassan and Ali. The author gave hints that there was something going on between Hassan and Baba up until the part Amir found out Hassan was his half-brother from Rahim Khan.

In the movie, it was hard to tell there was a reason Baba wanted to keep Hassan and Ali until Amir asked what he thought about getting new servants. By Baba’s reaction in the movie it just seemed that he wanted to keep them because he and Ali had grown to be the best of friends. However, it was not really Ali Baba was trying to save. In the book Baba says, “‘Hassan’s not going anywhere. ’” This was the biggest sign that I thought the author gave. This quote is only one example of when the author gave a clue that Hassan meant more than a normal servant did to Baba.

The book is superior to the film by the suggestions given by the author about Hassan meaning a lot to Baba. The next reason the book is superior to the film is because the movie skipped important parts of Baba’s sickness. First of all, the film did not even say Baba was sick. The author made sure that he stated Baba had cancer and that he had to live with Amir and Soraya so that they could take care of him and give him his pain medication. In the film it only showed Baba coughing once and the scene that he died in. In the book, the author included many different incidences that Baba was suffering and coughing.

Also, in the chapter that Baba died you could tell that he was dying and when he said he didn’t want his medications that night I knew he was going to die. However, in the film it did not show Baba until Amir brought him to sleep. Baba was one of the main characters in the story and I believe that the film should have shown him suffering, and dying. Later on in the story Amir gets a call from Rahim Khan saying that he needed him to come to Pakistan. When Amir got there Rahim Khan told Amir a heartbreaking secret that everyone knew except him. Rahim Khan told him that he had to go and get his nephew in Kabul.

In the novel, the author explains the whole story that Amir and Sohrab went through so that Amir could take Sohrab back to America to live with him and Soraya. The film missed all of the trouble they went through to get him there. In the book, the two of them went through troubles including when Sohrab tried to kill himself. This was another turning point of the novel. It was a huge event that I think should have been included in the film. When Sohrab attempted to kill himself I thought that was his way of showing that he could not trust Amir anymore and that he didn’t want to go to America no matter what it took.

But when he found out that he didn’t have to go back to an orphanage he was truly happy to go with Amir. In the film, it cut out everything, even though these were important events. In the novel it says, “‘We’re going to America! ’ I pushed the door open. Stepped into the bathroom. Suddenly, I was on my knees, screaming. Screaming through my clenched teeth. Screaming until my throat would rip and my chest explode. ” (343) This was the part of the novel that Sohrab tried to kill himself. This quote was very important in the novel.

I think this because you do not know what exactly Amir is screaming about, but you know it’s bad. The author did a good job at this part because it almost forced you to continue reading to see what happened to Sohrab. The book was able to capture all of the details about the characters and their emotions and the situations they were in. However, the movie skimmed the interactions of Amir, Hassan, Baba, and Rahim Khan at times. In conclusion, the book is superior to the film. The AUTHOR did a beautiful job writing the story about Amir’s life and his guilt and the redemption he experienced.

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