Grant proposal to study the benefits homeschooling with emphasis on

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Develop the goals and objectives for the program you are going to implement.  


Develop the specific eligibility and enrollment requirements for the program.  Also, include the schedule of services and the staffing requirements to implement the program.


Develop an initial budget plan for the program giving consideration to staffing, services that will be provided, and an estimation of annual cost to fund the program. 


Develop a basic plan for funding the program that utilizes several public and private funding sources.  Provide a brief description of the sources of funding you are proposing and what the funds will be used for.


Develop a brochure that brings all of the various components of the program proposal together.  The brochure should include an overview of the program, the goals and objectives of the program, eligibility for the program, the types of services providing, and give an overview of how the program is funded.



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