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High expectations College admissions are tough—approximately 50 percent of all college applicants are rejected by their school of choice. And when it comes to graduate school, things are even tougher, and expectations are higher. The ability to create a piece of writing that properly illustrates your individuality and distinguishing characteristics are vital for admission. Admissions officers look at thousands of essays, so differentiating yourself is vital. However, distinguishing yourself from everyone else can be a tough challenge.

That’s why we’re here to help. Survival of the fittest You will find yourself pitted against thousands of other students, many with similar backgrounds and similar academic ratings. What you need is an unforgettable first impression—one that will get you instant approval in the eyes of admissions officers. The key to that first impression is your admission essay, which is your primary chance for a good first impression. It is your first chance at presenting a well-thought-out exposition of your worth, your virtues, and your individuality. Fresh ideas

Any professional writer will agree that editing by persons other than the writer himself is a very important step in the writing process. Even the most seasoned writer can always benefit from the “fresh” eyes of a third party, whether editing or critique is needed. That’s where we come in. Our team of professionals will edit and reinvent your essay to give it that fresh edge. An essay that looks like everybody else’s will take no time to reach the reject pile. But with the extensive experience of our writers and editors, we are quick to recognize the ordinary from the excellent, vastly improving your chances of getting accepted.

Our service You can take advantage of our pool of experienced professionals to leverage yourself above the majority of applicants. We eliminate any grammatical errors and unneeded wordiness, and we streamline sentence structure and improve style. We offer three types of services according to your needs. First is our Admission Essay Writing service, where personal facts are presented to the best advantage. While good grades and flawless records are also important, they are not enough to distinguish you. What really differentiates an admissions essay is the personality and character that the essay shows about you.

Second is our Admission Essay Editing service, where we eliminate all spelling, grammar and style errors. Most importantly, emphasizing your individuality by affecting a unique style and preserving your voice. Our third service is the Admission Essay Review, which entails elimination of errors and professional editor’s suggestions for improving your essay, again with special emphasis on stressing your individuality. All services are delivered as double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman documents, with no page limits.

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