Graded discussion board: data privacy

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The European Union’s new law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has recently put pressure on companies worldwide to ensure they collect data in a way that protects consumers’ privacy. This has raised an interesting conversation about data privacy laws and prompted legislation that allows users to demand companies delete their data. 


Read the following article on data privacy, “GDPR and Digital Marketing: How your Company will be Affected” Write a post with your thoughts on at least two of the following questions:

  • Is it necessary for countries to create laws around data usage in order to protect their citizens?
  • Should companies be held accountable for any data breaches that result in privacy violations?
  • There is an ongoing debate in the media over who has the right to users’ personal data. Does it bother you that some companies “own” your data?
  • How do you think data protection laws will impact the future of digital marketing? 

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