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1.      Assess the democratic and non-democratic qualities of global governance.

2.      What are the main interests and drivers of change in global governance, and how do these interests/drivers shape how the world is governed?

3.      Select a critical approach to global governance – Critical Theory/Marxism, Postcolonialism or Foucauldian – and assess the strengths of its critique with reference to rationalist theories (Realism and Liberalism).

4.      What is Constructivism and how does it enhance our understanding of global governance? Discuss with reference to Realist and Liberal approaches to global governance.

5. What are the roles of non-state actors in global governance? Do they matter? Discuss the role of non-state actors with reference to Realism and Liberal Institutionalism.

6. What are the roles of civil society, non-governmental organisations and intergovernmental organizations in global governance? Discuss with reference to the topic of human rights.

7. What is the role of UNHCR in the global governance of refugees?

8. Is the global refugee regime capable of responding to contemporary refugee crises?

9. What does the COVID-19 pandemic tell us about international security, interdependence and the potential for cooperation in the 21st century?

10. What is the role of the WHO in global health governance?

11. In what ways do transnational corporations influence global governance? Is this a good thing?

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