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· Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, Jr. G. H. (2018)
. Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

· Chapter 15, “Brokering and Case Management” (pp. 573–597)

In this Discussion, you critically assess needs in your community that are lacking but would be beneficial to potential clients.

Post a response to the following:

· Recommend three services that you feel could be developed in your community.

· Explain how key informants in the community could assist you in developing these services.

Respond to two colleagues who selected a different community or service. Describe how you could integrate your colleagues’ ideas into your community.


Recommend three services that you feel could be developed in your community.

Explain how key informants in the community could assist you in developing these services.

  One of the main services that I feel should be developed in my community is youth development programs. The youth must be included in the development course. They will play a vital role in steering the community’s success in the future. Also, creating detailed youth development program courses will allow the youth to build on their growth, skills, and expertise (Ife, 2022). For instance, career counseling and after-school programs will help the youth develop exceptional life skills. Educators, youth societies, and parents are key informants who will present detailed information and proficiency vital in crafting and employing youth development programs. They will also provide challenges that potential clients may face and need, and make recommendations to the programs.

     The second service that will greatly impact my community is mental health services. Mental health is a major concern in my community and globally. Limited resources have been allocated to contain challenges tied to mental health. Therefore, establishing accessible and reasonable mental healthcare services in my community will positively impact potential clientele’s lives (Ife, 2022). Support societies and counseling centers are some courses that will be useful in addressing mental health challenges. Mental health practitioners and organizations will work with community groups. These societies will provide valuable insight into mental health disorders and challenges that will help the experts make the services available and affordable to every community member.

     The last service that will elevate my community is affordable housing. Every community deserves to benefit from exceptional services like affordable housing. Establishing affordable housing initiatives and housing programs like subsidized rental units will help many individuals overcome housing challenges. Like the other services, key formants will also drive this service (Teater, 2019). Housing officials, community groups, and local government officials who are well-informed on affordable housing will be key informants in this program. These groups will function as a unit to identify the community’s housing flaws. And use their knowledge and skills to create targeted housing interventions.


Ife, J., Soldatić, K., & Briskman, L. (2022). Human rights and social work. Cambridge
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Teater, B. (2019). An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods 3e. McGraw-
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Main Post

Recommend three services that you feel could be developed in your community.

As a parent of a young child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have struggled to find childcare for after-school, weekends, and school vacations where my child feels comfortable. The cost of private childcare can be a significant barrier for families who need to work in order to live. There could be sensory-friendly childcare options developed in my community. Using music was shown in studies to help children with Autism and sensory processing disorders engage in play outside without being overstimulated, resulting in less stress (Kern & Aldridge, 2006). An additional need that I have found as a parent of an adolescent is a solution to the challenge of preparing our youth for adulthood and the workplace. My stepdaughter does not drive and does not have a cell phone. These limitations prevent her from being employed without the help of her father or myself being available, which is a challenge when both parents work outside the home. I even struggled over the summer to find volunteer activities for her where I knew she would be safe and supervised. An after-school work-study program could be implemented in our local high schools to allow students the opportunity to learn different skills and develop a positive work ethic. Many adolescents are not prepared to enter the workforce or manage time appropriately when living on their own after high school, and a work-study program could help solve this problem (Stone & Josiam, 2000). A third service I think my community could benefit from is a walk-in clinic offering anonymous mental health care. I live in a community with a high population of military personnel and their families. Often mental health services are avoided because personnel is concerned about how it may affect their career, and spouses must go through insurance to receive benefits, meaning they may not get the care needed right away or without their spouse’s knowledge. 

Explain how key informants in the community could assist you in developing these services.

Key informants in the community that could help in developing these services include parents, teachers, school board members, and social workers. These individuals can bring together ideas and create effective plans to implement services (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2018). Change cannot happen without action, and many resources must be explored to create the organization, funding, and availability of these services. 


Kern, P., & Aldridge, D. (2006). Using embedded music therapy interventions to support outdoor play of young children with autism in an inclusive community-based child care program. 

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Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, Jr. G. H. (2018)
. Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.).  Cengage Learning.


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