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· Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, Jr. G. H. (2018)
. Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

· Chapter 1, “Introducing Generalist Practice: The Generalist Intervention Model” (pp. 1–39)


Bachelor of Social Work Student Handbook

 Download Bachelor of Social Work Student Handbook

Post a response to the following:

· Describe three strengths that you predict will make you an effective social worker.

· Explain how each strength applies to your social work practice goals.

2) Respond to two colleagues who shared different characteristics and qualities. Describe how you might apply your colleagues’ characteristics and qualities in your own practice.


Describe three strengths that you predict will make you an effective social worker.

I believe that my ability to be empathetic toward others is a major strength in helping others. This allows me to be an active listener, which is a crucial skill for social workers. I am also someone who is very organized, this can help me to keep track of resources as well as the caseload I may have as a social worker. Another strength that I have is the ability to advocate for others. In my current job I advocate for others  who are seeking services for behavioral and mental health related services. Having these strengths are essential for a social worker. 


Explain how each strength applies to your social work practice goals.

These three strengths of empathy, organization, and advocacy are crucial in ensuring that my clients feel comfortable talking to me and this allows me to find services for my clients that can have their needs met. Being empathetic allows for me to connect with my clients and show them that they should not be afraid to ask for help. Advocacy allows me to better peak on my clients behalf and ensure that they are getting the help that they need. Having these skills will allow me to become an effective social worker. 


   As a social workers we can be put in a lot situations that can be stressful, tense, or have us on high alert, one of the skills I posses is my ability to function in high stress situations. Being raised in a high stress environment helped develop my quick problem solving skills to fix and mediate a situation being able to function in these situations is vital to the role of social work sometimes we may have to think quick on our feet to deescalate a situation or a client. 

     Another skill set I possess is empathy, being able to step out of feeling sorry for them, and into a role where you can relate and understand the situation will help a lot of clients feel at ease and will help them feel understood and in the case of children, protected. Having a strong sense of empathy can help you talk to people and recommend the right programs and roles moving forward. 

   Finally is cultural competency having an understanding of everyone is important in social work, understanding the discrimination, challenges, and day to day life that others may face, also knowing and understanding the statistics and influences of different social, cultural and religious factors is important to fairly and rightfully treat and work with different clients. 

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