Garifuna culture & hispanic culture

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 Make your assessment of the “Garifuna Culture” as it relates to “Hispanic Culture”. You must compare and contrast the similarities or differences that are shared by the “Hispanic Cultural” practices.  If there are no identifiable common “Culture” traits, then explain. 

MLA Format- 1,000 words.  Include a cover page containing your name, class title, etc. and a separate Reference page with the cover shall not count towards your WORD COUNT limitation. 

Listen to videos:

  (3) The Garifuna Heritage Pt 1 – YouTube 

 (3) The Garifuna Heritage Pt 2 – YouTube 

Answer the following questions into the homework:


1. What is this elusive concept that is defined as “Culture”

2. What are the elements of “Culture” and its Various components?

3. What are “Cultural Values Versus Cultural Beliefs?

4. What is “Cultural Relativism Vs Ethnocentricim?

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