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Write a function playGame(maxValue) to perform the following task (it’s based on an old school yard game called “Fuzz Buzz”):

Create a loop that depends on a variable x starting with the value 1 and increasing in value by 1 for each iteration of the loop, until x reaches a maximum value specified by the formal parameter maxVal. At each iteration of the loop the value of x should be displayed, unless one of the conditions shown below is true, when the message specified below should be displayed instead:

• If the value of x is divisible by 11, skip to the next value of x and display the word “skip”.

• If the value of x is divisible by 10, display the word “fuzz”

• If the value of x is divisible by 4, display the word “buzz”

• If the value of x is divisible by both 10 and 4, display the words “fuzz”

and “buzz”, unless the first rule applies.

• Otherwise just display the value of x.

You can find out if a number is ***** by another using the modulo operator %. This tells you the remainder after integer division. For example:

8 % 2 equals 0 as 2 goes into 8 four times leaving no remainder.

8 % 3 equals 2 as 3 goes into 8 two times leaving a remainder of 2.

You should then create a function runGame() that invites the user to enter an appropriate value for maxValue, and then calls the playGame() function accordingly.

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