Fundamentals of database mini project

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Project 1 

Database Implementation

Due Date: Thursday 28/1/2023 


The main goal of this project is to give the students a first hands experience on using DBMS to create and manipulate a small database. By completing this project, students should be able to create database systems, write SQL queries, interact with a particular DBMS and manipulate the created database.

Description: Students are free to choose one of the suggested environments that are given by the instructor or come up with their own. Also, they may work as group of 3 as maximum or individually. Also, they are free to choose the DBMS they feel comfortable with.


In order to get a full credit in this assignment, students need to submit the following: 

– ER diagram. 

– The database schema. 

– The creation file (.sql) 

– Five queries as minimum with their results (note: All the queries should have at least one row as a result)

– Sample of the tested data. (Note: At least 5 rows in each relation)

Suggested environments:

a. Car Rent organization. 

b. Airport. 

c. English language Institute. 

d. Amazon. e. Library. 

f. Restaurant.

Note: We study FUNDAMENTALS OF Database Systems, SIXTH EDITION, Ramez Elmasri & Shamkant B. Navathe and MySQL 

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