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Writing Assignment #2



Select 1 question from below and respond with a meaningful and thoughtful answer to the topic:

1.      Because collaborative writing demands that several people create a document, this process is more difficult than writing by yourself.  Do you agree or disagree?

2.      How would you handle a member of your writing team who is chronically late in submitting his or her part of the project?



Reply to at least 1 other student’s thread and evaluate that student’s critical thinking and writing. Do you agree or disagree, and how might the other student improve his or her thinking and/or writing? 




Should be in APA format and include at least 250-300 words for the discussion.  And at least 250-300 words for the peer reply.  The peer reply will be sent once it has been submitted.  



P.S.  This one requires less work so quote will be less.  I have more computer and english writing coming upon completion of this one.

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