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For cashmere only | Computer Science homework help

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When designing a Web page, which of the following should be accommodated for?

A. Small screen sizes

B. Reduced resolution

C. Reader resistance to scrolling

D. All of the above. 

Question 2 of 40

Which of the following statements is MOST accurate?

A. For variety, switch between serif and sans serif fonts in document.

B. A 2-inch inside margin is appropriate for a bound document.

C. For consistency, font size in headings and text should be the same.

D. Use as little white space as possible.

Question 3 of 40

To write fluently:

A. use long sentences for special emphasis.

B. use a consistent sentence length.

C. use a consistent sentence construction.

D. combine related ideas.

Question 4 of 40

Graphs generally do NOT incorporate:

A. shapes.

B. photographs.

C. shades.

D. patterns.

Question 5 of 40

An example of sexist language is:

A. Ms.

B. poetess.

C. chairperson.

D. flight attendant.

Question 6 of 40

Which of the following statements is NOT valid?

A. A noun that has been formed from a verb and ends in ion is called a nominalization.

B. Combining sentences can help deemphasize some ideas and emphasize others.

C. Avoid using short sentences in technical wring.

D. Use first-person language for people with disabilities.

Question 7 of 40

All of the following are common sources of wordiness EXCEPT:

A. strong verbs.

B. qualifiers.

C. prepositional phrases.

D. weak verbs. 

Question 8 of 40

Unjustified text:

A. has uneven spacing between words.

B. is common for formal materials.

C. is appropriate for letters and memos.

D. All of the above.

Question 9 of 40

Organization charts:

A. depict the breakdown of a project.

B. use lines and graphs to show the economic trend of a company.

C. show processes within an organization.

D. show a hierarchy of relationships among departments.

Question 10 of 40

Digital editing tools:

A. are able to identify words that are used incorrectly.

B. will not search for clutter words.

C. will not catch an instance of “its” that should be “it’s.”

D. always give the best advice to a writer.

Question 11 of 40


A. are always preferable to illustrations.

B. can provide too much detail, confusing the user.

C. no longer need professionals to create them since digital photography and photo editing are so readily available.

D. should never be supplemented with diagrams.

Question 12 of 40

To create a readable table:

A. include footnotes, as necessary, to clarify information.

B. use ample white space between items.

C. abbreviate numbers of more than three digits.

D. All of the above.

Question 13 of 40

Which of the following statements about tone is MOST accurate?

A. Never use contractions.

B. Vary the tone of a document from section to section as needed.

C. Never use “I” or “we” in a technical document.

D. Using “you” and “your” will help a writer connect with readers.

Question 14 of 40

In a well-formed line graph:

A. each line is labeled.

B. each line is visually the same as all other lines.

C. grid lines are used.

D. up to 10 lines are included.

Question 15 of 40

Which of the following statements is true?

A. The passive voice should always be avoided.

B. Using the term “Ms.” is an out-of-date convention and should be avoided.

C. Each step in a list of instructions should begin with a noun.

D. Jargon can be useful in communications among specialists. 

Question 16 of 40

Bulleted lists are appropriate for:

A. organizing similar items.

B. enumerating a sequence of steps.

C. drawing attention to headings.

D. None of the above.

Question 17 of 40

Which of the following is true?

A. Distortion for the sake of emphasis is often justified.

B. Photographs you find on the web can be used freely.

C. Icons resemble the items they represent.

D. Flowcharts move from bottom to top, showing how the process moves up.

Question 18 of 40

Which of the following statements is LEAST accurate?

A. Color can be used for headings.

B. Color helps readers focus on essential information.

C. Use very bright colors to draw attention to text.

D. Bold or shading can be used instead of color.

Question 19 of 40

Sentences using active voice:

A. include a clear agent performing the action.

B. might be too blunt to be effective.

C. might be inappropriate if the object is more important than the subject.

D. All of the above.

Question 20 of 40

In choosing the appropriate tone:

A. use a semiformal tone when you want to sound conversational.

B. when in doubt, avoid being too casual.

C. use a formal tone with subordinates.

D. use an informal tone with superiors.

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