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Can you assist with the assignment below.  thanks


For this assignment I am using this boo that must be used as a reference: 


Understanding Research by W. lawrence Neuman 1st ed.  ISBN: 978-0205471539 


This weeks assignment will come from CH 2 & 3.


I have also attached the article that is to be used for this assignment.  I appreciate your help.






Write a 4 section essay using APA format on the following:


  1. Describe your refined topic and hypothesis and how this article fits with what you are researching.  Describe any changes to your hypothesis brought on by the article.
  2. Answer all of the bullet pointed questions on page 39, you may not copy and paste any part of the article, it must all be in your own words and be written in an essay format (i.e., you may not use bullet points)
  3. Briefly review the article using guidelines in the book relying on the “make it practical” box in chapter 2. 
  4. Describe how could this study have been conducted unethically and, in a separate section, how could this research have been conducted unscientifically, justify your positions using what you have read in the book.


Your paper must be at least 1000 words (approx. 4 pages at 12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced)

APA format with a correctly formatted title page

Correctly formatted page numbers

Double spaced

No extra spaces between paragraphs

Include a works cited page and use internal citation with page numbers

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