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Response Notes- “Flavio’s Home”

You have a Creative Force Draft with my edits. 

Let’s take a look at a famous essay , “Flavio’s Home.” 

1) See “Flavio’s Home” in PAGES (CANVAS) and the 3 pages of  the Essay, “Flavio’s Home.” Keep in mind that this essay is famous. Mark it as you read, if you wish.

2) Then open “Flavioguide” (below) and notice that there is a key to the underlined word(s) in the essay that you read. 

Each underlined word(s) presents a skill that we need to recognize and add to our own skills. Your techniques and content go hand in hand.

See “Flavio’s Home” pages  1,2, 3 in  CANVAS PAGES

Flavioguide.docxPreview the document

3) Start looking at how the style and structure of writing adds more meaning. We are particularly looking at word choice, transitions, sentence combining, and sentence variety. Work through the essay, paying attention to Gordon Park’s techniques and style and content.

We need to learn to add layers of meaning and variety to our techniques. Notice how techniques and content work together. We need to learn to ” say more with less.” This is essential for thesis statements and topic sentences.

Take your time – use the model to examine the construction. Makes notes, as you wish. Ask yourself, “Do I do this in my writing?”

Yes, you need to consider these techniques as you compose your Final Creative Force Essay . In this class, our goals are effort and improvement.  

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