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 This is second presentation, this assignment is same as what we had done previously 

The Final presentation must include, at a minimum: (PPT should be minimum 15 mins of time to read) 

1. The activity over the last three weeks and a justification for the activity(November 14 to Till Date)-Please tell why you have done that activity-You missed it out in previous Assignment

2. A discussion of the positions currently held at the time of the presentation;

3. A discussion of how market conditions have impacted the portfolio;(Tell about market conditions between November 14th to Till Date and how it effected our Portfolio)

4. An overview of what the student might change in the portfolio based on the materials covered in Modules One to Six.(The course will be ended by december 16Th-we have still 5 business days to invest/Sell Stocks or change our portfolio)

Please Find attached Documents for my Portfolio and excel (all transactions from Nov 14th to till date,some are equities,bonds,Futures,Cash Spots and also i am providing few examples how others presented previous presentation for reference.

Info on Attached Files:

1)Transaction History-This excel gives info all the activities made from Nov 14th to till date.( use this activities for PPT)

2)Openposition_12_10_2022(1) to (6)-These files have all the stocks activities from starting of the course-This files useful for seeing Profit or loss per each stock-No need of seeing every stock just check for the stocks in Transaction history stocks (from Nov 14th) to see profit/loss values

3)Portfolio-current portfolio value

4)Reference PPT-This doc gives how other people presented Mid PPT presentation-Take as reference 

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