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Final Research Proposal 

The final draft of your Research Proposal is due at the end of this module.  One member from each group should submit the final research proposal that covers the following:

Format for a Qualitative Proposal

  • Qualitative constructivist format
    • Introduction
      • Statement of the problem
      • Purpose of the study
      • Research questions
    • Procedures
      • Philosophical worldview
      • Design
      • Role of the researcher
      • Data collection procedures
      • Data analysis procedures
      • Strategies for validating findings
      • Proposed narrative structure
      • Anticipated ethical issues
    • Expected impact and significance of the study
    • References 

Follow the APA style guide to write the Final Research Proposal. Cite within the body of your proposal and include a reference list. Statements and data purported as factual must be correctly cited and referenced.

Limit the Final Research Proposal to between 18 and 20 pages.

Submit the assignment via the appropriate Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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