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Research Paper

AMST 395

Fall 2023

This semester we have spent considerable time on the history of union formation and coordinated labor strikes in California. This material is compounded by the current potential for a strike here on our own campus by the California Faculty Association.

For this research paper, you will need to revisit the work of Elizabeth Sine and the
Rebel Imaginaries she addressed regarding the striking California farmworkers of the Great Depression. You may also use the work of Ron Takaki if you would like, though it isn’t mandatory. I also suggest you review my lecture material on this same topic.

Once you have reviewed that material, you will need to do the following:

· Choose a union-led strike from the list that follows this prompt.

· Evaluate that strike according to the requirements of this research essay. This will require
outside research.

1. What is the history of the union that led your chosen strike? When was it formed? By whom? Where?

2. What was happening in California history at the time of the strike? How is this reflected in the strike itself?

3. What were the working conditions that led to the strike?

4. What were the demands of the union that led the strike? Were there any specific concerns they wanted addressed?

5. Were there any specific or notable figures leading this strike?

6. What was the outcome of the strike?

7. How might the outcome of the strike affect the quality of life for the workers who participated?

8. How is this strike reflective of the tradition of labor protest you learned about in our class? (Elizabeth Sine is useful here)

· A minimum of 1000 words long.

· Should include citations from the Elizabeth Sine reading assigned for class.

· Should include at least one citation from a
book or article to be found at Pollak Library

· Should include at least two more outside resources, for a total of four minimum resources in the essay.

· All resources need to be cited properly in the document itself, and with a works cited page at the end of the document.

· This essay is due
November 15th at 11:55pm on Canvas.

General Strike on San Francisco’s Waterfront in 1901

The California Cotton Pickers Strike of 1933

The Delano Grape Strike of 1966

United Food and Commercial Workers Strike of 1995

Los Angeles County government workers strike of 2000

The Southern California Supermarket Strikes of 2003/2004

The University of California Walkouts of 2022

The Writers Guild of America strike 2023

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