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Hi, my name is Wittle Bear. I’m 3 human years old, and I have a story to tell about a little girl that one day decided to invade my home and eat all of my yummy food! This may be a very scary story to those of you who love porridge as much as I do. So please be prepared to be scared of blondes, I know I am! It was a sunny day in the forest when my family and I decided to take a walk. We made porridge before we left, but it was too hot to eat right away. Therefore we wanted to our lunch to cool down the only way we knew how to, go look for berries near our cottage!

We were picking berries from the tallest trees we could find, I was too short to reach any so I had to get papa bear to pick me up to reach the bottom branch! My bear family and I almost had 4 baskets full when all of a sudden we heard a loud bang coming from the direction of our house! Papa and momma bear started running as fast as they could towards the loud noise which of course left me behind. When I finally caught up to them at our house, I walked in and saw the living room and dining room destroyed!

The sight of this made me instantly start crying, but not as much as when I saw all of my porridge was eaten! If the porridge wasn’t enough, I went into my room and found a blonde girl sleeping in my little bed! I ran to my papa and momma and told them what I saw. My parents went into my room and started growling which caused the blonde girl to jump up as fast as she could and run out of the house. After she left I have never felt the same about blonde girls! I now eat my porridge no matter how hot it is and always carry a bottle of “blonde girl be gone” spray!

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