Explain the collaborative therapy approach/ powerpoint

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presentation in which you address the following for your colleagues. Integrate theory from the literature throughout your presentation.

  • Offer brief descriptions of the context and theorists associated with the collaborative model.
  • Describe the therapeutic relationship, including the fact that a collaborative therapist has a philosophical stance.
  • Explain the concepts of shifting the meanings and beliefs of clients. Feel free to cite examples from the video you watched. Please use dialogue and interactions from the film to demonstrate your points.
  • Explain how the concepts of seeking to restructure client interactions or direct the client to change their behavior work. The questions focus on general types of change that any therapy model might address. A model can target cognitive changes (changes in thinking or beliefs), behavioral changes (changes in behaviors or interactions), or emotional changes (changes in how people feel) or a combination of these. The questions in this assignment are referring to these more general types of changes. They are essentially saying, “How does collaborative therapy make cognitive changes (changes in meaning/beliefs)?” and “How does collaborative therapy make behavioral changes (changes in interaction/behavior)?” For example, if a therapist is more of a partner, rather than being directive, what does this mean for how this therapist might help family members change their way of interacting with each other? Describe model interventions as outlined in your resources. Then, connect the theory to the examples from the video you watched.
  • Review how collaborative therapists focus on strengths and resiliency. How could this strategy be applied to clients with whom your colleagues in this agency work?
  • Describe to your colleagues how this therapy model and techniques could be used with the recovery model.
  • Explain how you believe this model will enhance your colleagues’ ability to intervene in the lives of clients served by the agency.

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