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Project Description:

As an intern with NASA’s Space Camp program, you are involved with promoting related educational opportunities. You use Word to prepare a two-page flyer, ensuring a well-designed, error-free, and informative document.


Start   Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch01_Cap_Space.docx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.


Inserting text from an existing   document can save time and ensure accuracy. For example, suppose you are   reusing text from an earlier memo, making a few additions or modifications.   Simply insert text from the earlier memo into the currently open document,   and then modify as necessary. In this case, you include text from a earlier   developed flyer that is appropriate for this one, saving time in retyping the   text.

  Display nonprinting characters. In the blank paragraph above Adult Space Academy on the second   page, insert text from Family.docx.


Hyphenated text that should not   be separated between lines can be forced to remain together by the insertion   of a Nonbreaking Hyphen between the words.

  Remove the two blank paragraphs after the Family Space Camp section. Replace   the hyphen following the word three in   the paragraph below the Adult Space   Academy heading with a Nonbreaking Hyphen.


By viewing a document as multiple   pages, you will often identify problems with layout or placement of objects.   When working on a page in Print Layout view, you are less likely to consider   its placement within the document as a whole, so it may be beneficial to view   a lengthy document in the multiple page arrangement occasionally.

  Preview the document in Multiple Pages. Note the poor placement of the text   box on the third page. Remove the five blank paragraphs before the text box   so that it moves up the page to a better position. Be sure that you do not   delete the end of paragraph marker after Perform   an extended-duration simulated mission! The document should display as   two pages. Return to 100% view.


Change margins to Narrow. Insert   a page break before the Family Space   Camp heading at the bottom of the   first page. Return to 100% view.


If major headings in a document   are formatted in hierarchical fashion, collapsing the display to Outline view   enables you to check the arrangement and even rearrange sections, if   necessary.

  Change the view to Outline. Click All Levels beside Show Level and select   Level 1 to show only major headings. Click + beside Space Camp and drag the heading to position it above Space Academy. Click Close Outline   View in the Close group.


Because nonprinting characters   are displayed, you can see the page break indicator, so it is easy to delete.

  Remove the page break on the first page along with the subsequent blank   paragraph mark that precedes Space   Academy. Insert a page break before the Family Space Camp heading.


Including a registered symbol   beside the camp name provides proper legal acknowledgment to a product or   entity.

  Insert a registered symbol after the words Space Camp in the first body paragraph under the Space Camp   heading. Ensure that the symbol is placed beside the camp name in the   paragraph and not beside the camp name in the heading.


Including selected document   properties as a header or footer helps to identify the document in printed   form at the top or bottom of every page.

  Insert an unformatted left-aligned footer with the Document Property,   Keywords, inserted as a field. You should select from Quick Parts on the   Header & Footer Tools Design tab when inserting the footer. Close the   footer.


A watermark is often used to   identify a document by its purpose or owner. In this case, it is identified   as a copy.

  Insert a horizontal blue watermark with the word Copy (type the text using the correct case). The Blue   color is the eighth color shown in Standard colors.


Although not shown when a   document is displayed or printed, document properties serve a purpose in   identifying a document’s origin, owner, or purpose, among other things. They   can also serve as search terms to help locate the file later.

  Open Document Properties and add Space Camp Flyer as the Subject.


A flyer is typically intended   for widespread distribution. By checking a document carefully for errors   before the document is distributed, you are viewed as well-prepared and   professional; your effort is more likely to be taken seriously.

  Check the document for spelling and grammatical errors. Correct any errors,   Use the thesaurus to identify a synonym for the word exciting in the first paragraph under the Adult Space Academy   heading. The synonym you select should begin with the letter t. Change the word an that precedes the newly inserted   synonym to the word a so that it is grammatically correct.


In the case of any document   intended for distribution, you should ensure that it is readable by as much   of your audience as possible. Checking for accessibility enables you to   identify and address any concerns that might limit accessibility by those   with various disabilities.

  Check for accessibility and correct any problems identified.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch01_Cap_Space.docx. Exit   Word. Submit the file as directed.

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