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#You have just started your first career as a high school teacher. To jump start your planning process, you would like to create a teaching schedule template to help plan your weekly tasks. You will create a template, create custom macros to automatically insert dates, and inspect the document for issues.


Clear   all data validation in the range A1:G19.


Delete the sample text in cell   B2


Type Teaching Schedule in cell B1.


Type prepared by: in cell F1.


Delete the value in cell G1.


Add the following comment in   cell G1 Enter Name.


#Type Monday in cell C4 and use the fill handle to fill the   range D4:G4 with the remaining days of the week. 


#Use the document inspector to   inspect the document. Remove document properties and personal information and   then click close.

  Note: Mac users, from the Excel menu, open your preferences, click Security,   and then click the check box to Remove personal information from this file on   save.


#Use the accessibility checker to   check the document for issues. Accept the recommended actions for merged   cells and use the recommended action to select Rose, Table Style Medium 23.   Close the accessibility checker pane.


#Record a macro named ClearSchedule using the shortcut   CTRL+SHIFT+J. Add the description When run, this macro clears the values in the schedule (no period). When run, the   macro should delete the values in cell G1 and in the ranges C3:G3, C5:G6,   C8:G9, C11:G12, C14:G15, C17:G19, in that order.


Create a form control button   that fills cell F2. Assign the ClearSchedule macro and edit the button text   to Clear.


Create a form control button   that fills cell G2 and edit the button text to Insert Dates.


Open the VBA editor and create a   new module named DateStamp. Create a procedure named InsertDate. Insert the comment Inserts   weekly dates,   then enter the following code Range(“C3:G3”) = Array(Date, Date + 1, Date +   2, Date + 3, Date + 4)   and exit the VBA editor.


Assign the InsertDate macro to   the Insert Dates form control button.


Test both macros and then open   the VBA editor. Locate the module containing the ClearSchedule macro. Copy   the code and paste it starting in cell B2 in the Code worksheet. 


Locate the module containing the   InsertDate macro. Copy the code and paste it starting in cell D2.


Check the document for   compatibility with Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016.

  Note: Mac users, skip this step.

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