Exp19_access_ch06_capstone – northwind traders sales analysis 1.0

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#Exp19 Access Ch06 Capstone – Northwind Traders Sales Analysis 1.0

 Exp19_Access_Ch06_Capstone – Northwind Traders Sales Analysis 1.0

Project Description:

Northwind Traders is a small international gourmet foods wholesaler.  You will update the company’s database by increasing the price of all of  the meat and poultry products. You will make a table for archiving  older order information. You will also summarize quantities sold by  category and identify customers who have no orders.

Start   Access. Open the downloaded Access file named Exp19_Access_Ch6_Cap_Northwind.  Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the  filename. Save the file to the   location where you are storing your  files.

Using a select query, you will identify   all of the products with a  category of meat or poultry, and then use an   update query to increase  the prices of the products.

  Create a select query that includes the CategoryID from the  Categories table   and the UnitPrice and ProductName fields from the  Products table (in that   order). Run the query and note the CategoryID  for Meat/Poultry.

Add the appropriate CategoryID   criterion to limit the query output  to only Meat/Poultry. Convert the query   to an update query. Update the  UnitPrice for Meat/Poultry only by increasing   it by 6 percent.

View   the query in Datasheet view prior to running it to make sure  you are updating   the correct (four) records. Return to Design view and  run the query. Save the   query as Update Meat/Poultry   Prices.   Close the query.

You will identify orders shipped   during the first half of the year  and create a new table in which to store   them. You will then delete  the orders from the current orders table.

  Create a select query that identifies all of the orders shipped Between 1/1/2020 and   3/31/2020. Include all fields from the Orders   table.

Convert   the select query to a make table query. Name the new table Orders Archive. Run the query. Save the query as Make Orders Archive Table. Close the query.

Make   a copy of the Make Orders Archive   Table query and save it as Append Orders Archive   Table.   Open the Append Orders Archive Table query   in Design view. Convert the make table query to an append query. The query   will append to the Orders Archive table.

Modify   the criteria to append orders shipped Between 4/1/2020   and 6/30/2020. Run the query, save it, and then   close it.

Open   the Orders Archive table in Design   view and set OrderID as the   primary key field. Switch to Datasheet view, then save and close the table.

Make a copy of the Append Orders Archive Table query and   save it as Delete Archived Orders. Open the Delete Archived Orders query in Design view. Convert the append   query to a delete query.

Modify the criteria to delete all   archived orders from the Orders table (six records). Run, save, and then   close the query.

You   want to determine how sales are performing with respect to each  product   category. You will create a crosstab query that displays  quantities by   category and salesperson.

  Open the Profit query in Design view and add the LastName field from the Employees table to the last column of the   design grid. Run, save, and close the query.

Use the query wizard to create a   crosstab query based on the Profit   query that sums the total Quantity by Ship Country (row heading) and CategoryName (column heading). Accept   the query name as Profit_Crosstab.

Modify the query to display CategoryName as the row heading field   and LastName as the column heading   field. Run, save, and close the query.

You will create a query to determine   which customers have no  matching orders. The customers will be contacted to   determine if they  would like to place an order.

  Create a query to find out if any of the customers have no current  order   details. Add all of the fields from the Customers table to the  results. Save   the query as Customers With No Orders. Run the query and close it.

Close   all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the   database as directed.

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