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Describe the necessity, purpose and potential makeup of a board of directors.

Minimum Requirements

Professional communication is a valued talent in the marketplace, and these exercises provide wonderful practice in preparing for those experiences.

You are required to submit a 3-Page (Title Page, Content Page, Reference Page), APA 7 formatted paper with substantial content. Use the APA 7 Format Made Simple template for setting up every exercise correctly. This will reduce the opportunity for missing points due to APA formatting errors.

For all exercises and our project, I have provided an APA 7 Format Made Simple template for your convenience and it is located in several areas within the course. All you have to do is edit the applicable title page content areas, meet the minimum content requirements, and submit by the due date, in order to be eligible for full credit. Please do not lose points for failing to use the template in order to meet the minimum APA 7 formatting requirements.

Substantial Content

Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addressing the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your content must be at least 1 full page in order to be eligible for full credit.

Top 5 Keys to Success for Maximum Credit on Exercises

  • Late submissions, no later than 5 days after due date, will be deducted 5 points off the top
  • All assignments in our class come from our Financial AccountingLinks to an external site. OER textbook, and for academic purposes, require at least one (1) APA reference from our textbook. The template already has this placed on it.
  • You must use the APA 7 Format Made Simple template for all exercises. Failure to align to the APA 7 formatting guidelines will result in point deductions.
  • Direct quotes from references must be less than 10 words.  Please review postings for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors. Plagiarized discussions will result in a “0” for the submission of this assignment.
  • Prior to submitting, be sure that your Unicheck % is in the “yellow” at minimum, which means that you have properly inserted citations where applicable. Too high % of scores will not be accepted. Plagiarized submissions will result in a “0” for the assignment.

Best Practices

  • Be sure to fully understand the prompt being asked
  • Locate and reference where our authors provide research/insight related to the prompt
  • Add your own insight/understanding related to the prompt
  • Meet all minimum content requirements
  • Submit your exercise by the due date

Course Resources

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