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I have added the attachment all the requirment






1.         Prepare a 10-column worksheet for December, 2016, that begins with the unadjusted trial balance which will be provided to you. 




2.         Enter the adjusting entries required into your spreadsheet.  Then complete the spreadsheet columns using Excel formulas or other linking functions to efficiently move the data.  Ensure that your spreadsheet template performs requisite calculations accurately after totals are manually entered into the column reserved for adjustments.  Merely inputting the data manually IN ALL THE COLUMNS will decrease your score by 50%.




3.         Prepare the Income Statement and the Classified Balance Sheet for Isaiah Corporation.  Also prepare a Post-Closing Trial Balance.  These should be prepared in Excel, using the linkage functions, and should be printed out separately for your final project submission.   Remember:  To create and print these financial statements, you are required to use Excel’s linking functions, or some other methodology within the Excel template, that will automatically move data from your template to the pre-formatted financial statements required.  Merely inputting the data manually will decrease your score by 50%.




4.         Generate both your adjusting and closing entries in your Excel template.  These journal entries should be in proper form and dated appropriately.  Print these entries on two different sheets of paper.  Again, these should be linked to the data in your electronic worksheet and should be generated automatically by your Excel template.






5.         Reference the following information sheet which includes the data and a partial format for the accountant’s worksheet which you will need to complete this assignment.






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