Example memo prompt – communication during covid

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The impact of Covid on business communication…what else could we write about? Here is a question about business communication and how we might deal with the current pandemic.

Here is the prompt:  3500_EXAMPLE_MEMO_2020.pdf 3500_EXAMPLE_MEMO_2020.pdf – Alternative Formats

Be sure you read the question many times, so you understand what your writing should accomplish. 

You can get some helpful information by examining the EXAMPLE/sample memos I provided and by reviewing the lecture notes and slides.

*Reminder: your Example Memo MUST be written using this question. You are not allowed to pick your own topic or submit a memo using any other topic.

**ADDITIONAL REMINDER: You can write as much as you want, but be sure EVERY EXAMPLE is important;  be certain your writing is effective, clear, error free, and uses several (MANY?) interesting examples.


From time to time, I will add a “Sample Paper” in this section. I will ask a student who wrote a particularly good paper to share his/her paper with the rest of the class. Students have told me they appreciate seeing a sample of a paper that meets all of the requirements; basically they want to know what a good paper looks like. So here are a couple of sample MEMOS for you to consider.  Notice the detailed examples here; notice the depth (including interesting secondary examples), and notice the excellent layout. When your BOSS asks you for ideas, this is the kind of effort you should deliver.

Remember, your memo does not have to look like this or sound like this. Writing has hundreds of individual choices. However, if your memo has a similar look and is written with a similar style, you are definitely on the right track.

Here are a couple of ONE PAGE MEMOS – which you can create – IF the detail and depth are good! Notice the excellent layout, the detail and depth, and interesting EXAMPLES!

306_Student_MEMO_CUST_SERV_SAMPLE_2016.pdf 306_Student_MEMO_CUST_SERV_SAMPLE_2016.pdf – Alternative Formats


Student_Sample_Customer service memo_2016.pdf Student_Sample_Customer service memo_2016.pdf – Alternative Formats

 <<<<<— THIS MEMO USE BULLET POINTS BUT THEY ARE NOT DEVELOPED. The ideas are good but the bullet points lead to underdeveloped sections and ideas.

USING BULLET POINTS: memos written WITH BULLET POINTS tend to be underdeveloped. Writers have started to overuse bullet points – thus leaving out essential depth and detail. I guess this is my fault because I allow students to write as much as they want. Some writers think this means they can get away with writing an idea using a bullet point BUT not providing any detailed examples for support. This is the biggest problem using bullet points. (Extra Credit: Send me a well- written email that answers this question: why do students overuse bullet points and whose fault is it? Your email must be effective and clear. Add the class section number (01) to the subject line of the email.)

Memos should be written using fully detailed and developed paragraphs. Use bullet points only to add detailed examples – NOT one or two word ideas. Here is an example of a memo that uses no bullets:

NoBullets_SampleMemo_2018.pdf NoBullets_SampleMemo_2018.pdf – Alternative Formats

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