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I need an essay for Drug Addiction class, the paper need to be in APA stile, with a minimum of 10 references. Please follow the following instructions carefully. please elaborate a little bit more the question number 1

1-Investigate about the different types of treatment for patients with drug abuse substance and explain in two or three sentences each treatment.

2-Choose one of this type of treatment and argument the reason why this type of treatment if effective. 

3-For the treatment you have chosen argument the following:

A)- Philosophy of the program (If the treatment is in patient or outpatient)

B)- Clinical psycho therapeutics modalities to use in this type of treatment, for example:( medicines, nutrition, social worker, conductual orientation)

C)-Time the patient should be in the chosen program to achieve the results.

D)-How many times is going to be seen this patient, by the doctor during the program. (treatment frequency)

E)-Through which laboratory exam are we going to monitor this patient (for example: urine test, breathalyzers, or blood test), chose only one test.

F) Explain why we selected this specific test. 

G)-Why we think the treatment program we choose may be successful.

H)-With the information collected do a graphic organizer to show this treatment.

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