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essay 5 paragraph about this event and all the details are below..


I attend an event that talks about every things in Aviation it is called EAA AirVenture, including Manufacturing, Design and Agents, etc. Discussion: So in the first 3 pages talk about the (Aviation Safety passengers), (Pilot Proficiency skills) and (Aviation safety information analysis and sharing (ASIAS) System.)



Workshop: only one page about this, I did in this workshop I complete a composite sandwich structure and I learned about fiberglass and foam lay-ups.

the second work shop start by how they are create wings for airplane and learn the art of wood airplane construction as instructors teach you to build wood trusses using ribs.


Interview: The last page talk about the interview. So in the event I did interview with one of the helicopter pilot. I will write the questions that I asked and her answers and you will create a paragraph about it.


Me: What they do and how they got start in the field? Staff: basically she started in high schools. And she is flying helicopter.

Me: what prepared them for this career? Staff: she was start very young and then come with the airshow and a lot of studying in school and going to the collage and training before work.

Me: What they recommend for young person who just starting? Staff: Just go to classes and get their degree. And make sure do what they love.


Me: What they foresee in the future of their field? Staff: In the future of aviation she see herself flying helicopter.

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