Erd diagram, project, using mysql

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Build out the ERD diagrams for the entire solution based on the following questions (you must have at least 3 tables for full credit, there is no limit based on your simplification of the data. The simplification of the data should follow the in-class examples of data, with no duplication in tables)


I. The MYSQL code (within the word document) to build the database and tables

II. The MYSQL code (within the word document) to answer each of the following questions

III. Provide screen shots answering each question along with any supporting text

The answers must be done in SQL, not table presentation and manual interpretation of the data

Questions :

1. What is the total revenue for the year? 

2. What is the gross profit for the year? (based only on what is in the tables)

3. How much revenue did each wine provide for the year?

4. What is the Average revenue per month per location for the year?

5. What is the final inventory of the Premium Red wine?

6. If the retail price of the wine increases by 10%, what is the gross profit margin ?

7. How many bottles of the different wines were ordered in July? 

8. What is the revenue per year per restaurant?

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