English module 05 written assignment – compare and contrast

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his week you will use a brainstorming chart to plan and organize ideas for a Compare and Contrast writing assignment.

Begin by opening the Compare and Contrast Brainstorming Chart that is linked below. You will enter your ideas into the chart. Choose two subjects to compare and contrast and enter them into the chart under Subject A and Subject B.

Next, select three (3) categories for contrast (differences) and enter them into the category boxes under Subject A and B. The categories for contrast need to match for both subjects.

Next, add two (2) supporting detail sentences into the appropriate boxes under each category.

In the center column, list three categories of comparison (similarities) between subjects A and B, and then add one (1) supporting detail sentence under each category. Below are some ideas to help you begin selecting topics for comparison. Please attend the weekly live session before beginning this assignment.

Submit your compare and contrast brainstorming chart to the drop box by the grading deadline. Remember that your submission will also be graded for proper grammar, spelling, mechanics, and formatting.

Suggested Topics for Comparison
  • Wal-Mart vs. Target
  • Raising girls vs. Raising boys
  • Budget vs. No budget
  • Meal one vs. Meal two
  • Restaurant A vs. Restaurant B
  • Person A vs. Person B
  • Speaking vs. Writing
  • City life vs. Country life
  • High School vs. College
  • Vacation A vs. Vacation B
  • TV show A vs. TV show B
  • Movie vs. Book
  • Netflix vs. Movie Theatre

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