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Essay 1: Poetry Analysis

Gwen Harwood, “In the Park”


Choose one of the poems assigned last week from The Norton Introduction to Literature for your analysis. (Gwen Harwood, In The Park”) Using close reading techniques, develop an argumentative thesis for your analysis. Write a two-three-page paper that supports your thesis. At the end of the essay, provide a Writing Process Summation. This paper must have a Works Cited page, separate from the body of the essay (insert a page break to make sure it is always on another page). See p. 462 in The Little, Brown Handbook for the example for citing a selection from an anthology, such as The Norton Introduction to Literature.


  Quotes and sources are properly formatted and cited. The document contains all of the following MLA formatting details: double-spacing, headers with page numbers, paragraph indents, correctly cited and formatted works cited page. 


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