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Employment laws play a critical role in human resources management strategies and in an organization operation. Employee laws are design to protect the employees by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) “ federal enforcement agency enacted to ensure that employers follow and abide by rules set forth in the Civil Rights Acts of 1964”(Web Finance, 2012). However, the act insisted of “people should be given the same opportunities and equal changes to obtain employment regardless of their color, race, gender, national origin, or religion” (Stewart & Brown, 2012, pg. 0).

After researching the employment laws of Georgia by visiting ga. gov and after inserting “employment laws,” the research will give a descriptively analysis of a description of a scenario that will correspond with the employment law provide. Next the analysis will describes a recommended plan to manage the HRM situation within the confines of the law. Third, the approach will be justified by the scenario to HR management. Fourth, the analysis will describe a competitive advantage may be gain by ensuring HRM practices meet the necessary employment laws.

Final, a speculation will be made with an assumption of the situation was not handled in accordance with the appropriate employment laws. ? Description of the scenario that corresponds with employment law: The scenario that was beneficial compliance with the Georgia Employment Law is “disciplinary action training for supervisors of diverse employers. ” The current state that analysis was research of the state of Georgia and the informative information that was providing from www. ga. gov. Georgia’s employment laws and the HRM strategies are in compliance with the state’s regulations. However, Georgia is considering as an at-will provision. Meaning which the employers have the right to “freely discipline or discharge employees provided that the adverse employment action is not motivated by any discriminatory intent or administered in a discriminatory manner”(Morris & Manning & Martin, 2012). When an employer is actively training for supervisors of diverse employers the same Equal Employment

Opportunity (EEOC) guidelines are applied throughout the training. Employers have to determine when terminating or have to discipline an employee to comply within the state’s laws by not violating the federally protection classes that is consist of age, race, national origin, religion, sex, or other status. If these actions are violating the individual(s) have the right to suit the organization. However, just last month the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) requested that all employers review their anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.

Reason being, the” Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued some serious concerns to the employers in an afforded to reiterate its commitment to justice from vulnerable individuals” (Flahardy, 2012). The reason for the request for the Title VI and the ADA applicants was concerns from a previous case that was review in the courts. The 6th Circuit rules that counseling recommendation violated the ADA” (Byrne, 2012). The action suit was proceed after an employee by the named of Emily Kroll’s suited White Lake Ambulance, for counseling constitutes a “medical examination,” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Emily Kroll was employed with the emergency medical technician at the White Lake Ambulance Authority (WLAA), in which Whitehall, Mich. , in 2003 (Byrne, 2012). However, her supervisors initially considered her to be good employee until, a personal affair occurred when her marriage with a coworker failed. Krolly’s supervisor concerns grown after; Krolly and a colleague proceed into an argument and Krolly fail to administer oxygen to a patient. Krolly’s supervisors asked her would she attended counseling sessions whereas, Krolly’s supervisors claimed that they did not specific an exact theory.

Emily Krolly refused the counseling and proceeds to resign from her position. Thereafter, Krolly proceeded to file suite with White Lake Ambulance (WLAA), claiming that “her supervisors” request that she obtained counseling violated under the act “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (Byrne, 2012). Description of a recommendation plan that concerns HRM situation: Human Resources Management (HRM) is a critical part of an operational organization.

Human Resources Management (HRM) is an organizational fundamental that deals with issues related to people such as: hiring, termination, performance organization development, training, benefits, and ompensations. However, when proceeding to make recommendations; although process has to be plan out that will incorporate certain situations and thoughts for future objectives and goals that need to be obtained within the confining of the law. However, in the case analysis, the first recommendation should have been Krolly’s supervisor should have directed her to the Human Resource Division when Krolly’s supervisor became aware of Krolly’s workplace behavior begin be problematic following an affair of a coworker.

After this incident, another recommendation would be extra training courses such as: extra training courses related to the current incident, employers, and employees relationship, patients awareness. Included within the extra training courses, the Human Resources Division have to comply with the State or Federal laws and compliance with Title VII, of 1964 civil right Act. Also included in the training, the Human Resources Division should review employee’s handbook with the entire staff. Justification of the HR management’s scenario:

The approach of justifying the Human Resource Division’s scenario, request for the entire staff to proceed to an important meeting. Within the meeting, the Human Resource Manager will take the approach of outlining the key elements of the importance for the meeting. The HR manager will review the current laws of Title VII, of 1964 and how it coheres with the organization’s policies and procedures. The HR manager will address to the managers and employees that the organizations have to stay within comply of the rules and regulations of the organization.

The HR manager will have to address related important information that would pertain from the previous incident. The HR manager also has to address to each individual, if questions or concerns developed throughout the training; the manager will suggest to the employees, to address any concerns or questions that may develop throughout the training. Final, the HR manager will be addressed to the staff, at the end of the training session; an agreement document will have to be sign, stated that all individual understood the reason for the extra training course.

Description of a competitive advantage of ensuring HRM practices: A competitive advantage of ensuring HRM practices that meet the necessary employment laws would depend on how efficiently the HRM division within the organization? The competitive advantage of ensuring HRM practices is whoever, is in charge of the HRM division is well train in order; for the right qualified person(s) to relate accurate information to the employees. An experience HRM manager(s) will have an inspiring attitude to encourage other people.

Speculation will be made with the assumption of the situation according to the law: The speculation according to the scenario and complying with the law; if the writer were Emily Krolly’s supervisor or manager whereas, she would have made the decision to have a sit down with Emily and discussion the reasons she did not attended to the patients care? In comply with the law; the writer would acknowledge the guidelines of the laws and the expectations of the organization in taking care of patient’s well-being.

The other incident that occur, the writer would direct Emily to the HR managers and let he or she handle the situation. In conclusion, the analysis address the scenario of Emily Kroll’s suite was complying with the Georgia’s law and with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements. The analysis describes recommendations that manage the HRM situation. Final, the analysis identifies a competitive advantage aspect of ensuring HRM practices meet the necessary employment laws.

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