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Every business today wants to hire, motivate and train the most qualified employees. Every company wants to utilize these employees and place them in departments that are best suited for them and the company’s needs. This seems like an impossible goal however, this is goal is what many Human Resources departments do on an everyday basis. Human Resources provide this connection to assist in employee development to utilize each employee’s talent. Human Resources put forth the effort to increase employee improvements by providing training and development opportunities for employees to look for promotions within the organization. Job shadowing involves an employee following another employee while performing their job to see what the job is all about.” Job shadowing gives personnel chances to see first-hand the genuine job duties involved and the skill that is needed to perform the job themselves. (Wise Geek, 2011). Job shadowing works well as an in-house strategy to help distribute knowledge more largely in a company which, in turn, helps avoid job silos from starting and helps employees increase their expertise and skills to make their work experience more profound and pleasant.

Job satisfaction plays an extremely significant role in workforce retention. (Wise Geek, 2011). Job switching is comparable to job shadowing and just like shadowing it prepares the workforce of tomorrow. It allows employees learn about different job opportunities within an agency, and it is most beneficial for offering extra job skills for employees who want to increase their knowledge through added training opportunities. It also assists in generating job back-up sources for essential positions within the company. Employees who want to learn about other jobs within the company or a different department basically switch jobs for a certain amount of time to learn more about distinctive jobs and how those different jobs intermingle to achieve company goals. (Wise Geek, 2011). Monitoring employees is another way to assist in employee development. Managers observe how an employee is progressing in their day to day tasks.

This gives the manager an idea about how well the employee is progressing. Monitoring can help managers decide on what trainings are most useful. It assists the managers to gain a relationship with the employee while giving on going feedback. It shows an employee that the manager cares about the success of the employee. If a manager did not monitor and give feedback it will then show a lack of interest and the employee will inherit that type of attitude as well. (Wohner, 2011). Many companies face the task of employee development with developing greater confidence, creativity, solutions-finding, and problem solving abilities amongst their employees. Companies need employees at all levels to be more adequate, ingenious, imaginative and independent. This attitude allows employees to perform at higher tactical level, which makes their company more industrious and aggressive. Employee’s efforts will create bigger results. It’s what all companies make every effort to succeed. (Levine, 2011).

For many companies these methods above would assist in helping a company be competitive and successful. However, these methods will not assist an employee to gain courage, maintain a belief in the company and these methods will not help in the maturity of the employee. This is where a company needs to focus on the personality of the employee and not the skills that the job requires. Every employee has a different personality, if a company y can recognize that then they can build up the confidence in their employees. For myself, managers who tell me that they believe I can do it really does not motivate me, they sound more like my mother. If a manger praises my work after I finish a project, then I become more motived to do the best I can. It is all about identifying different personalities. (Levine, 2011). Companies need to deliver learning and experiences that their employees would like for their own individual interest, progress and satisfaction.

Performance and proficiency are reliant on the employee’s attitude and emotional maturity. Companies can help their employees to accomplish what they want on a personal level, and this offers a stage for trust, ’emotional contracting’ with the organization, and following skills, processing, knowledge growth pertinent to managing higher responsibilities, and teams. (About.com, 2011). The company that I work for has a program they offer every January call the Fellows Program. This is a program that is offered to college student who are in the junior or senior year. This program allows the student to see opportunities that Olympus is offering. College students can apply for a job within the company, however there is a catch. A college student must take a job for two years. Within those years they are assigned a department for 6 months. After those 6 months the college student is moved to another department and this is the process for two years. By performing this program, Olympus is grooming their future employees.

Most of these college students start to gain relationships and they become comfortable after working with us for two years. Most of the Fellows will stay with the company. This program is successful for the student who did not have to look for a job after graduating, and the company gains an employee that they molded to become successful. In my own career development, I was told early on that if people want to help or give suggestions to me then take it. I tried to act like a sponge and soak up all the information that I possibly could, and I still do to this day. If I am struggling with a project and an employee wants to assist me I allow it. I watch how they perform and I ask questions. I find that this way of learning is where I become most successful.

You can tell me how to perform a task all you want however, if you take the time to show me, I will then pick up the knowledge of the task in half the time. Whenever I am offered training I make sure I sign up for it. Sometimes it has been difficult to receive constructive feedback however through time I have learned to deal with it. In 5 years I would like to see myself out of the corporation I work for. I really like working for small companies, these bigger corporations tend to treat employees like numbers. When I worked for a smaller company I knew who had kids, who was still in school, who just got married, it was a personal experience. The corporation I work for looks at employees as numbers, not people.

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