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Explain the purpose of the interview, and how the information will be used. (You may be asked to submit the questions prior to the interview). Ask the questions and record the individual’s responses.

School Description:
Briefly describe your school including the demographics?

How do you view your role as a principal?

What are your major functions? What percent of your time is spent in each function?

Percent of Time

What specific competencies do you consider important to accomplish you responsibilities?

What type of experience would best prepare someone for a position like yours?

How many people are you responsible to and for?

To what extent do you delegate principal responsibilities to other staff members?

How does your role help in attainment of the district goals?

What impact does your position have on students?

How do you provide for staff development for both those who are satisfactorily functioning and those who are less than satisfactorily functioning?

Explain how you perform teacher evaluations.

How do you allocate time to observe staff members?

What techniques do you use to assist borderline teachers to obtain a satisfactory competency level?

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

To what extent is public relations involved in your job?

Do you have any recommendations for me as a potential administrator in terms of how I plan for?

· The development of my career?

· The selection of an organization?

· Becoming a highly effective administrator?



Position title ____________________________
District ______________________________

Before the observation experience, project what you think the functions of the specific administrative role will be an estimate probable percent of time, using the left hand side of the chart below. Then on the day of the shadowing record the actual values.

Complete as the day progresses. Note time of day, event, description, action taken, your estimation of skills/knowledge needed, telephone calls (note whether they are incoming or outgoing calls), personal contacts, interruptions, and your comments or insights gained.

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