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As an 
elementary educator, the foundation of any good unit of instruction is the planning and preparation you complete to set you and your students up for a successful experience. Planning lessons that apply instructional strategies, assessment, differentiation, and technology tools to support 
student engagement and learning of mathematics is key to your students’ learning. In this assessment, you create an instructional mathematics unit to teach specific standards to students.


Assume you are an upper elementary education teacher in the state of Arizona. Your school’s state math testing scores indicate that students in grades 3–5 are struggling with some of the concepts in the Numbers and Operations in Base Ten (NBT) strand of the state’s standards. The administrator has requested teachers of grades 3–5 to create instructional units based on standards from the NBT strand to promote student understanding and learning. 


Complete the following pre-planning steps: 

· Access the 

Arizona Mathematics Standards for Grades K–5

· Select a grade level between 3rd–5th grade.

· Locate the content standards of the 
Numbers and Operations in Base Ten (NBT) strand for your selected grade level and choose 1 main standard and 2 of its sub-standards that will be addressed in your unit. 

Assessment Deliverable

Using the information from the Preparation section, design an 
instructional math unit using the prompts in the 

Instructional Mathematics Unit Plan Template

Submit your assessment.

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