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I believe that all students should be held to the same standards of education. While there should always be accommodations for an individual student’s strengths, weaknesses and learning style, there should also be a universal set of criteria by which a student’s progress is measured. While those standards may sometimes seem exacting to the students expected to meet them, they are far less demanding than what is required of today’s workers in an economy where competition has become global.

An innovative and creative spirit has become in the last twenty years something that is generally expected of everyone rather than something only expected of the exceptional, a solid foundation in the basic elements of education, math and reading have become ever-more vital to succeeding in the modern world. Where education is concerned, I have found that creativity and innovation can oftentimes be fostered by the experience of overcoming challenges and, thereby, attaining a justified belief in one’s own abilities.

A student who is taught to take pride in their work and, especially, to take pride is turning a failure into a success is someone likely to succeed in a world where competition is fierce and belief in one’s self is the most advantageous thing. Where the application of standards are concerned, I believe that any leader in an educational setting must be held to high standards just as are the students.

By holding myself accountable to the highest standards, I gain the legitimacy to expect the same of my students and the ability to inspire them to do more than they may have thought possible. The position of a leader is one that is at least partially earned by gaining credibility in the eyes of those whom I am charged to lead. This can best be accomplished by setting an example; by continually challenging myself with new ideas and new situations while at the same time having the conviction to stand by those practices that have proven effective over time.

Having worked as a teacher and a teacher’s assistant in various settings for the past five years, I have learned that both students and educators must never loose touch with their essential humanity and that empathy must always accompany high expectations. When a student knows that their teachers understand the hardships they face but still expect them to perform at a level of excellence, the student can be assured that they are not being driven unreasonably but are only expected to perform at the level their teachers know that student can achieve.

Where sympathy and lowered expectations are really forms of condescension, empathy and high expectations communicate to a student that their instructor has not only high hopes for their student, but also a sincere and justified respect for their student’s potential. I have always felt a visceral connection and genuine responsibility for the successes and failures of my students. I hope to always be there to help my students experience the satisfaction of success and of overcoming failure.

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