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Touchstone 3.2: Your Resume

ASSIGNMENT: Create a resume that describes your experience so far as well as your career goals and interests. Besides summarizing your background, this document will also serve as the first impression of your communication skills. The emphasis in grading will be on the content of the resume, not the formatting. You may choose to use the attached template or to use your own formatting (for instance, if you are revising your existing resume rather than creating a new one from scratch). If you use the template, be sure to replace the example content with your own.

Download the template & example.

If you have an existing resume, be sure to review and revise it in light of the content in Tutorial 3.4.1, “Resumes,” before submitting.

A. Directions

  1. Using the provided template, develop a resume that highlights your education, professional experience (paid or unpaid), and professional interests.
    1. Review the tutorial on writing your resume.
  2. As you begin, remember to follow the guidelines of professional communication.
    1. Understand your audience (what would your ideal employer want to see? For example, a business in marketing or advertising may appreciate more creativity, while other fields would expect a more serious tone.)
    2. Be relevant. Make sure the experiences and interests you include relate to the objective.
    3. Be clear, concise, complete, and consistent.
    4. While you do not want to be strictly objective in this touchstone, you do want to be honest. Avoid exaggeration and outright misrepresentation.
  3. We hope this will be an opportunity to help you strengthen your resume with grader feedback and improve your next job search.

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