Education cause and effect toulmin argument assignment instructions

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Cause and Effect Toulmin Argument Assignment Instructions 


In Module 7, you will write a cause and effect Toulmin argument summary.  from the Cause and Effect Toulmin Argument thesis.  In this final summary  in the course, you will synthesize the skills you have learned to form a strong argument and incorporate them into the Toulmin model cause and effect summary.  This assignment will allow you to demonstrate how you have developed in your documentation style usage and critical thinking skills. This final assignment in the course can  be an indicator of what you have learned and areas in which you may  still need to grow as you work to complete your academic requirements  and reach your professional goals.


Use the Toulmin model of argument in which you address the questioning in the prompt. All sources that you use must be credible academic sources and they have to be within the last five years. You may include biblical support, but your biblical support does not count in the required citations.

• Prompt: What is the impact of Covid-19 on the American economy?

• Document your sources correctly according to your documentation style (Current APA, MLA, or Turabian). 

• Integrate at least 4 quotations, 1 summary, and 1 paraphrase (6 total) into your summary from at least 3 credible sources to support your thesis statement and provide opposing arguments. Articles must be within the last five years.

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