Editorial thinking and association rule

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Assignment 1

Watch the video: Andy Kirk: Let’s have a think about data visualization thinking

Read: Ch. 5 in the textbook: Establishing Your Editorial Thinking

Textbook: Kirk, Andy.  Data Visualization: A Handbook for Data Driven Design, Second Edition. Sage, 2019.

1.  What does the author mean by editorial thinking?  Also, there is a video of Andy Kirk (2015) noting the key concepts of data visualization thinking.  Please pick one major concept from the video and note what was said and your thoughts about the topic.

2.  When thinking about data visualization, it is important to understand regular expressions in data analytics.  Therefore, note the importance of data visualizations and choose two types of expressions (* – wildcards for example) and discuss the difference between the two types of expressions.

Answer both questions in 250 words each. There must be APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the thoughts in the post. Please separate the references for each question.

Assignment 2

Read: Chapter 5 in Textbook: Introduction to Data Mining

1. What is the association rule in data mining?

2. Why is the association rule especially important in big data analysis?

3. How does the association rule allow for more advanced data interpretation?

Answer all the questions in 100-150 words in total. There must be APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the thoughts in the post.

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