Economic environments of the west: problems, puzzles, and the 4th

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Economic Environments of the West: Problems, Puzzles, and the 4th Industrial Revolution

In a change of pace, as least in terms of the multimedia activities, we apply an essay question format for this assessment. The following parameters apply. 

• This short-answer essay-quiz tests your general understanding of the issues reported in Economic Environments of the West: Problems, Puzzles, and the 4th Industrial Revolution as they bear upon managing operations in the global business environment.

• The expected length of an effective response is 300 to 400 words. Please review Essay Quiz, Profile for a general profile of effective short answer essay answer. Similarly, you are encouraged to review Essay Questions, Samples and Standards, Multimedia Activities for an illustration of ideal short answers to the sorts of essay questions contained in the multimedia essay assessments.

• Given the multimedia nature of this assignment, the questions are geared toward checking your understanding of the basic features of a particular profile as well as ideas that span the multimedia module.The latter ideas, by the way, typically are alluded to in the Overview of the particular assignment.

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