E-business – Selling shoes in United States sample essay

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E-business – Selling shoes in United States sample essay

Online shop attracts certain class of customers thus any company operating in goods and services on online shop must have a strategy of implementing their online shop. The designing of the website must be considered a critical factor of success of online shops. There fore, the company should acquire a variety of brand of shoes which attracts a specific class of customers that is the customers who are busy with extra disposable income to expand. They should also expand their product base which gives a customer a wide variety of shoes.

An online store should reduce their costs by outsourcing labor from Asia and Africa to keep their products affordable to many. The company in online shop should enter into strategic alliances with other companies who have other products so that the online shop will be made use of apart from men shoe. Women shoes and make – ups should be part of the shop to ensure that the site becomes popular to many. They should also include advertisements of other popular products to ensure the differentiation strategy works well.

To implement the online shop is one of the best project t be implemented and this project will require the consent of the management. Competitive edge The most established competitors of online shop for shoes for men are companies which have stores where people walk in and out. Big stores like Walmart and Home Deport have stores selling shoes becoming competitors. However, an online shop for shoes will have a competitive edge over the other companies because their products will be sold online to all busy members of the society now that the majority of Americans have online or are intending to have online services into their homes.

The company operating physical stores have achieved their goals and what they are doing now is competing for the existing market but a market for online shoppers is not yet developed thus the company with such a service will have a high competitive edge to other companies. The future looks bright for a company marketing and selling products online and most companies are selling to satisfy their customers through the introduction of online shops and their focus is now to offer unique and high quality shoes to busy members of the society in online shop.

This will maintain customers and they will be there for many years to come. Marketing strategy When selling shoes online in the United States a number of factors are considered. Among the factors consider are who are the potential customers, what promotional strategies and the pricing strategies used. If you consider those facts, marketing of shoes in the United States online will be easier. The potential customers for online shop of men shoes in the united states is urban retired pensioners and young business executives who does not have time to do shopping for themselves and for their sons and grandsons.

This category own internets broadband in their houses and whenever they need a product, they will browse an online shop, put their credit number and carry out the transaction. They will expect you to deliver the products to their offices or houses. They range from the age of twenty to the age of ninety and this market is expected to grow as more people are becoming wealthier and busy as compared to the past years. Men naturally tend to be busy and they are pushed into making purchases of shoes by their wives and women and online shop will be a great benefit to them.

Women will be another target for selling of shoes of men online in the United States because ladies will wish to make purchases for their husbands or man friends. The market for this type of shopping is increasing and it’s becoming greater than it is expected. Selling shoes online will provide affordable and high quality shoes to busy men in the society who have no time to go out to do shopping for shoes. The online shop will provide a guide and inform men of the variety of shoes available in the main company’s store. This will increase the marketing strategy of the company.

The aim of the shop will be to provide high quality and affordable shoes to the busy members of the community. An online shop will position the company to the point of offering high quality shoes which can be ordered form where one is situated. It will also act as a promotional centre for the company since the products of the company will be displayed on online. The customers will be informed of the variety without using any other media in advertising. This will help the company in product differentiation which is essential to positioning.

This means the products sold online are positioned and they stand apart from competitive products offered by other companies. This combination of product differentiation and competitive offerings through online gives the company important attributes. The company website and online shop will be based in the United States ensuring that the products are marketed far worldwide but based in the United States. Pricing strategy Selling shoes online in the United States especially men’s shoes is one of the best method of selling products in the United States.

The pricing strategy of shoes normally varies from plant to plant and is usually set to merge the prices of competitors. This is normally because most competitors operate in the same environment without any competitor having a competitive edge against others. It is essential that better quality plants of shoes to have the same price as competitors. However, price setting is aimed at ensuring profitability of the firm in business. The cost of purchase, distribution and maintenance of the website should be taken care of when setting the prices of shoes online.

The price indicated should show the value of the shoes and the delivery amount. This is because the firm in business includes capital requirement and associated gains that covers the expenses of the organization. Always the profit is considered when setting price which is equals to the price net cost while capital gains is equivalent to the current assets and fixed asset running costs. In choosing the target market for shoes online, it is important before setting up online shop. Online shopping attracts some class of customers.

Take for example most city and environ dwellers as compared to people in rural and interior areas where broadband have not reached. Statistics in the united states indicate that almost 50% of households in the united states have broadband in their houses meaning before any shopping is done, customers will check the online store to see the price, compare the value of money paid and time wasted to go to the store to buy one. If the value is higher, then the customer will enter a purchase agreement with an online shop.

In the United States, there is an increase of aging population with an extra disposable income who does not have time to go out to do shopping. They will rather do online shopping paying an extra fee for delivery of goods and services. Therefore, the pricing strategy in the sales of shoes online should consider the cost of delivery and the capital gains of the company Sales strategy Online shop will sell their products through online transactions where the customers enquires about the product real time.

If the product is in store, the customer is requested his credit card number, then the transaction is completed upon the supply of the credit card number. The goods are then organized for dispatch to the customers’ office. Again the company will operate a walk in walk out store where members of the public will patronize the store for the purpose of purchasing goods and taking them away. The online store will target geographical areas which are easily accessible by the transport system that will deliver goods to the customers.

Sales will be offered at prices affordable to many within a geographical area. The markets will be segmented for the purpose of the sales team to know which area one is found for the purpose of setting the prices. Sales forecast Being the new product in the market, the company will carry out aggressive marketing which will increase the sales on a continuous or constant trend. At the beginning, the company estimates to make annual sales of 15 million. Thereafter, the sales will increase at the rate of 10% which will eventually consist of 2% of the market for men shoes.

This ambitious plan will be possible through controlled and aggressive sales and marketing plan keeping in touch with the company’s objectives. The company’s objective could be updated on annual basis so as to ensure that the projected sales are adjusted accordingly. Our sales team will carry out survey to determine the current satisfaction and future needs of our customers. As regards to sales, a trend in sales is analyzed with professionals to ascertain the likelihood in changing the sales forecasted.

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