Drug Is Dangerous to the Society Essay

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Drug abuse is a matter of concern because at this time many teens and youth succumbed to drugs. Once they are falling very difficult to stop from it. This is because the drug makes a person feel invoiced. When are addicted, often drug addicts will feel desperate to get back with whatever way they could. They can not stand to bear the punishment invoiced. This is what causes penaqgih difficult to stop drug addiction.

However, strong determination and high resilience and spirit of repentance for the encouragement and support of family members to help them get back to the basics.

Drug abuse adversely affects not only the individuals themselves but also to their families, communities, nations and countries. The youth is an important asset in a country. The youth as a catalyst to the country’s future development. Youth today face challenges that require quality equipment themselves.

It does not give any benefits but also contributes to the monetary losses, moral decadence and so on. It also makes one tempted to engage in activities that are prohibited by religion, such as theft, murder and so on.

Friends much it influences the behavioral development of children growing teenagers. Typically, they are easily influenced by the suggestions of friends that leads to destruction, but they do not listen to the advice of parents, school truancy and many more they do that may be harmful to them.

Early prevention in order for an individual that does not succumb to the drug is the role of parents through the process of socialization preformance educating and nurturing their children with the values and teachings of religion With the perfect upbringing informally will avoid them from falling from substance abuse.

In schools, teachers will be instrumental in giving teachings and guidance to students so that they will not succumb to the drug so that they understand the dangers of drugs, according to their thinking is more mature and can be educated through subjects such as in the eye civics. With this not only encourage them to follow even indirectly will learn and understand about drug abuse.

The government, especially the Narcotics Control Bureau, the police and customs authorities will monitor and observe to check carefully through land and sea. The headman and village heads must be careful to monitor the safety of a particular village houses are empty. This is because houses are always a hive of drugs.

The cooperation of the village chiefs and villagers will allow Arrangements are eradicate the problem of drugs in their area. If there is anything suspicious, let us join hands together to investigate and report to the authorities, if there are people who are drug addicts.

With the availability of these measures, the authority to act and include drug addicts to rehabilitation centers, the earlier the treatment the greater are their hopes to recover and return to the beginning. In addition as a result of drug abuse or drug dealer is liable to punishment such as law to death.

In conclusion, we have determined with a renewed determination to fight drugs. Drugs will we bury me and triggered an atmosphere of zero drug. Let us all drugs eliminate the “destruction” of society continue to be present in Malaysia. We had no choice but just a slogan at heart and in mind at all times that “All-Out War Against Drugs”.

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