Does either visual remind you of another visual you have seen? if so,

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Hello everyone, for today’s discussion topic, I have chosen to  analyze two visuals surrounding U.N. Peacekeeper involvement and the  state of U.N. peacekeeping operations.

The first visual below supports U.N. peacekeepers and their involvement in humanitarian crises around the world


This image was taken during a humanitarian intervention and security  mission undergone by U.N. Peacekeepers.  The purpose of the image is  clear: to humanize the U.N. Peacekeepers and make them appear friendly  and helpful to the local community they’ve been assigned to support.   The image takes on a more serious, but bright and hopeful tone as it  seeks to make the peacekeepers look like heroes to a community in  need.  

This image was found on, an international group dedicated  to supporting global security efforts. Link to the site here: 

 Links to an external site. 

The next image is shown in opposition to U.N. Peacekeeper global involvment.

UNinvolved in peace.jpg

The image is actually an edited picture from a 2007 South African ad  campaign.  The original sign said “INVOLVED in AFRICA”.  The purpose of  this image was also very clear: to mock and ridicule the failures of the  U.N. to intervene in crises around the world like in Syria, Gaza, and  Myanmar.  The image takes to tones of mockery, satire, and dark humor to  get the author’s point across.  The image was taken from, a  website that specializes in fact-checking news articles, popular  photos, and other influential media sources.  Link to the website here: 

 Links to an external site.  

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