Diversity in the news 2

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For this assignment, you will need to find an example of news stories from the past five years (2017-2022) that pertain to the content from the course. You need to find an example of news stories and videos displaying issues of diversity in the workplace or other relevant contexts. Diversity can be discussed broadly or narrowly (e.g., focused on one social identity group such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, religion, etc.). For this multimedia assignment, you should submit one example of a news story from the media along with a short paper. For each news story, you should summarize the article and discuss its relevance to the course material.

Your stories should come from reputable local and national news outlets (e.g., radio clips, newspapers, TV news video clips, etc.) and can be in story or video form. You can also use podcasts. In your summary of each story, please discuss the main points so that the reader has an understanding of what happened.

Please include a reference list in APA format (including a link to the article/video/other media source).

Each submission should be one (1) page in length and double spaced with one-inch margins. You will not lose points for exceeding the page limit, but please stay within a reasonable range. 

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