Disease research project: create your poster draf

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University of Texas at Arlington Department of Kinesiology/Public Health Program

HEED 4312: Human Health and Disease

Author: Your Name

The Disease Topic

WHAT is the disease or condition? Describe the disease here in size 10 font.

WHY the Disease is Important

Describe WHY the disease is important in size 10 font.

WHO is Impacted/Effects of Disease

WHO does the disease affect? Include information here on the people, populations and WHO is most vulnerable in size 10 font.

Disease Status: Prevention to Treatment

How the disease is addressed in the US or from a global perspective in size 10 font.

Disease Statistics & Outcomes

Include evidence (graphs, charts, infographics, etc.) related to the relevant outcomes of the disease or condition (i.e., morbidity, death, complications, cost to society) in size 10 font.

Public Health Solutions to The Disease

List relevant public health solutions or recommendations in size 10 font.


List references in APA format using size 6-8 font

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