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Bloom’s Taxonomy and Critical Thinking

As we mentioned in the introduction, Bloom’s Taxonomy is a model developed by educational psychologists to help categorize learning. It is an excellent framework to assess your critical thinking skills and improve the cognitive complexity of your thinking to meet challenges within the field of psychology. Let’s share the insights we gathered about the taxonomy and critical thinking in this discussion. Respond to the following questions:

  • What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of Bloom’s Taxonomy?
  • How could you use this model as a practitioner-scholar in the field of psychology?
  • How could you use this model to strengthen your practice as a graduate learner in psychology?
  • Are there other critical thinking strategies or skills that are relevant to you as a professional and learner in your particular specialization?

If you have any trouble understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy or the strategies in the Granello article, use this discussion to receive support from your peers and instructor to work through your challenges. You will apply these elements within your assignment due next week.


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