Discussion reply!!! about 50 words nor gate is a universal gate

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Is the NOR gate a universal gate?

Yes, a NOR gate is a universal gate. A NOR gate combines two logic gates: an OR gate and a Not gate.

What does an invert bubble at the input of a logic gate mean? (Hint: Active High or Low)

When the bubble is on the input, the bubble means 0 is active input state and the input is an active-LOW input.

Consider the following statement “A car alarm will sound if the door is open or the window is open”

  • Translate that statement into a logic diagram. Use ‘A’ as the input from the car door and ‘B’ as the input from the car window.

This statement can be translated into an OR logic diagram. If both  signals are HIGH or true, then the output will be HIGH or true, this  will result in the alarm going off.

Can you think of other statements that can be translated to logic circuits?

Another statement that can be translated to a logic circuit is  shutting is shutting the car door and the light goes out. This can be  written with an OR gate truth table.

Discuss the statement “Translating logical statements into logic circuits.”

Converting logical statements into logic circuits means converting a  statement into logical circuit using gates (AND,OR,etc). It is a very  trivial saying in electrical engineering. It is based on the truth table  representation where we convert the truth table of various AND NOR etc.  circuits to circuits.

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