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Discussion 1

Select one of the cases below and answer the corresponding questions. Make sure to identify which case you have selected in the heading of your post e.g., Case #1. 

The Discussions will be graded as follows:
  • Fully and correctly answered each question– 4pts
  • Made reference to assigned reading when answering the question (e.g., according to Corey…..)- 1pt
  • One outside resource was consulted on one of the issues discussed in the response. Make sure to refer to the source in your response and cite reference at the end of your post in APA format (e.g., according to a recent article in ……., anxiety with children is common….(Silverman, 2002)- 2 pts 
  • Responded to at least 2 other student’s posts-1 pt
Case #1: A client who has not questioned her religious beliefs

Brenda, age 22, comes to see you because of problems in living at home with her family. She tells you that she feels dependent both financially and emotionally on her parents and that although she would like to move out and live with a girlfriend, she has many fears of taking this step. She also says that her religion is extremely important to her and that she feels a great deal of guilt over the conflict she has with her parents. After some discussion you find that she has never really questioned her religious values and that it appears that she has completely accepted the beliefs of her parents. Brenda says that if she followed her religion more closely, she would not be having all these difficulties with her folks. She is coming to you because she would “like to feel more like an independent adult who could feel free enough to make my own decisions.”

  1. Which personal characteristics of effective counselors from Ch. 2 would be most helpful in this situation (at least 2) and why?
  2. Which of the issues faced by beginning therapists from Ch. 2 might become an issue for you in this specific case (at least 2 issues) and why?
  3. What counseling ethical issues from Ch. 3 do you need to consider in this specific case (at least 2) and why? 

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