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Purpose: Students will apply critical and creative thinking principles learned during Leader Core Competencies and AG technical lessons to analyze the Army’s strategic roles as discussed in FM 3-0, Operations, October 2017. Students must analyze and discuss integration of HR core competencies and the impact to HR support. This assignment will introduce students to the concept of Large-Scale Combat Operations and the impact on HR core competencies, providing them an opportunity to develop and refine group presentation skills.

2. Additional References:

a. Department of the Army Memorandum 25-52, Staff Action Process and Correspondence Policies, Refer to Figure 20 for Discussion Paper format.

b. FM 1-0, Human Resources Support, 01 April 2014.

c. FM 3-0, Operations, 06 October 2017. 3. Guidance and Requirements:

a. Select a core competency with all of its key functions. Analyze and contrast how HR support is currently conducted versus within a Large Scale Combat Operations environment.

b. The paper is a one-page discussion of facts, plus opinions, suggestions, arguments, or matters needing resolution. Information papers are used to provide background and status of an action; to provide information on request; as backup information at briefings; to discuss implications of facts, make interpretations, offer opinions; note opposition, emerging problems, or matters for coordination.

c. Paper will be one to two pages in length.

d. Use Arial font; size 12 point; 1-inch margins.

e. Office symbol will be ATSG-NC and the Approved By line is the instructor for the course.

f. SafeAssign must not exceed 25% of cited material.

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