Discussion on training methods and technology considerations

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Week 5 Training Methods and Technology Considerations

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After reading the assigned chapters, and watching the video on technology-based training, review the following:

  • Consider how to incorporate technology into your final project. Consider computer-based training; web-based training; e-learning; social media, blended learning, simulations, games, adaptive learning.
  • Determine which one(s) are appropriate for your training program final project. Will your training be offered only in a face-to-face setting? Will you use a blended approach, utilizing a learning management system or another online resource in addition to a physical meeting location? Will your training be offered exclusively online?
  • What tools and technology will be used? PowerPoint is an easy go-to, but how effective is it? Can you use other tools? Keep in mind that just because you can, doesn’t mean that it is the most appropriate or best choice.
    • Consider researching some learning tools. There are many game-based apps like Kahoot! or Socrative that can increase engagement. Additionally, there are video resources and other multimedia tools that can enhance your training.

For this discussion, your assignment is due by Sunday of Week 5 at 11:59 pm (EST). In Week 6, you are to comment on at least one other student’s post, providing constructive criticism, suggestions, and commendations as necessary. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a learning community to exchange ideas and improve upon your training plans. Review the rubric carefully for grading criteria.

I highly recommend suggesting a tool or other piece of technology to your peers based on what you read in their posts. This can serve as a perfect idea exchange!


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