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You have been assigned ONE of the following works of art. Your assigned artwork is listed directly ABOVE your name. 

  • Alexander Calder Flamingo, 1974
    • Evelyn, Nacima, Dalal, Jennifer, Keegan, Digna
  • Marc Chagall Four Seasons, 1974
    • Courtney, Lorraine, Toweeka, Katelin, Leah, Denise
  • Pablo Picasso Untitled, 1967 (also referred to as: “The Chicago Picasso”)
    • Franko, Stacey, Jaylah, Rachel, Jamie, Kessia, Maria
  • Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate, 2006 (also referred to as:  “The Bean”)
    • Mark, Jabri, Adelina, Katlyn, Deana, Persephone, Briana
  • Jaume Plensa Crown Fountain, 2004
    • Paul, Yunai, Charles (Trey), Kunal, Mia, Aida

In your initial post, imagine you are a tour guide leading a tour of your assigned artwork in downtown Chicago.  Write a script of what you would say when you visit the work of art. You will need to do research in order to answer your questions and create your script.   In your script, make sure to:

  • Describe the work of art in detail: What does it look like? What is the medium? Where is it located?  
  • Describe and discuss the context: How does the historical, social, personal/narrative, political and/or scientific context impact how you understand the work of art? Make sure to use your textbook (Chapter 5) to support you with your discussion of context.
  • Describe and discuss its connection to our lives:  What purpose best describes this work of art:  Expression? Unification/exclusion? Communication? Protest/shock? Celebration/commemoration? Worship? Information/education/inspiration? 
  • Ask a question: Pose a question that you would like your classmates to consider in their response to your post.
  • Properly cite any sources you consulted to help you understand the artwork and its context at the end of your post

Around 250 words

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